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Hapland2 is Copyright 2005 by Robin Allen of foon.co.uk

Looking for the Hapland Walkthrough?

So you're stuck huh? You're not alone. Hapland2 breaks from the traditional game mold in that if you miss doing something in the right order, you have to start all over from the beginning. It's frustrating, but I think it also is what makes this such a great game. So, without further ado, let's get on with the walkthrough.

Here is the game right after it first loads:

0002.JPG, 34 kB

The first thing you need to do is turn on the light and angle it so that it shines on the rocks.

0005.JPG, 2 kB

Next you'll click on the bird who will then pick up a rock. You'll need a little bit of timing here, because when the bird flies over the cloud on the left, you'll need to click on the cloud to squirt the bird with acid, which will cause the bird to drop the rock on the electrified wiring which will then explode.

0006.JPG, 3 kB

Wait for the bird to land again, then click on him to pick up another rock. This time, you'll click on the right cloud when he flies over to make him drop the rock into the catapult.

0007.JPG, 2 kB

Now, click on the sign with the red circle to turn it around showing a green arrow. Then click on the manhole to open it up so he can fall through. Then click on the yellow up arrow to make him walk forward.

0008.JPG, 1 kB

Once he's fallen through, click on the sign again to turn it around back to the red circle. You'll need a bit of timing for this next part. Click on the box to his right which will release a bomb. He'll pick it up and right about the time you see an exclamation point over his head click the yellow up arrow again which will shoot a puff of air to blow the bomb into the door on the far right side, blowing it up.

0009.JPG, 3 kB

Next, click on the pink lid of the box to his right three times which will cause it to fall and make a ramp he can walk up.

0010.JPG, 1 kB

Click on the man and he'll walk up the ramp and into the door you just blew up. The upstairs window light will come on.

0011.JPG, 1 kB

Next you need to close the two top switches to provide power to the stairs. Then click on the right arrow of the flywheel to tell the stairs which direction to move.

0013.JPG, 3 kB

Next, click on the stairs which will move to the right to allow the man to climb back up to the catapult.

0014.JPG, 2 kB

Ring the doorbell to the house on the right and the man will come out and climb up.

0015.JPG, 4 kB

You'll need some timing for this next part. You'll need to click on the left cloud twice to get it to explode. As soon as possible click the man at the catapult to fire the rock through the acid rain, setting it on fire, which will burn down the hanging banner and blow up the trigger bomb to the right of the man on the top level (left-side).

0016.JPG, 6 kB

0029.JPG, 7 kB

0030.JPG, 8 kB

Next, click once on the man on the top level (left-side), he'll fall down to the next level.

0017.JPG, 3 kB

0018.JPG, 3 kB

You'll need some timing here again. Click on the manhole cover on the left side of the wall of where the man you just moved was. This will open up and another man will jump out followed by a fly. Immediately start clicking on the fan in the wall between the two men on the second level. The fly will get sucked through the fan and bother the man on the other side of the wall. While the fly is bothering the second man, you need to click on the man below the crate to get him to move to the throw lever. Once he's moved, click on the man who came out of the manhole cover to get him to fall to the bottom level. You should now have a man on each throw lever.

0019.JPG, 3 kB

Below the man on the bottom level is an arrow pointing to the left. Click on it to make it point to the right. Now click on the bottom man to throw the lever for the current. Next, click on the man on the second level to open the trap door, then click the third man to drop the crate. The crate will release a fish which falls into the water and is carried by the current to the fishermans hook.

0020.JPG, 9 kB

0021.JPG, 3 kB

Click on the man on the bottom level to stop the current, then click on the fisherman who will reel in the fish, eat it, and then bounce to the very top.

0022.JPG, 5 kB

Once he's at the top, click on him so he goes inside which will turn on the first torch.

0023.JPG, 1 kB

Click on the sign to turn it back into a green arrow and then click the yellow up arrow to make the man go back inside the house.

0024.JPG, 1 kB

Click on the left arrow of the flywheel to tell the stairs to go left, then click on the stairs to move them up against the crate.

0025.JPG, 2 kB

Click on the window to open and slam shut the window. This will cause the green blob to fall to the ground.

0026.JPG, 2 kB

Click on the man on the bottom level to turn on the water current again, then click on the green blob who will jump into the water, but because of the current will blow up the trigger bomb.

0027.JPG, 1 kB

Click on the man on the bottom level to stop the current, then ring the doorbell again to make the man come out and go up the stairs. You'll need a bit of timing as you need to click on the crate when the man is at the top of the stairs so he falls into the crate. Immediately after, the left side of the crate will fall down and the man will be driving a monster truck (literally).

0031.JPG, 3 kB

As soon as you see the monster truck go into the water and get to where the trigger bomb used to be, click on the porticullus to raise it out of the way of the truck. The truck will drive through and the man will jump off, climb the steps, and go inside.

0032.JPG, 4 kB

This is it! One more step to winning! Click the two torches to close the switch and enable the gate.

0033.JPG, 1 kB

Congratulations! You're a wiener!!!! <grin>

0034.JPG, 5 kB

0035.JPG, 31 kB

0036.JPG, 24 kB