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To Catch A Spammer


We all hate SPAM, some more than others (I'm in the more category), but what can you do? Actually, you can do quite a bit. Did you know, that with one single e-mail you can possibly shut down a spammers e-mail account or web site (provided that they listed one for you to get back in touch with them.) Even if they didn't you can set someone on their tracks and it doesn't cost you a thing. So how do you do this? Glad you asked.

Let's say you received this really great offer to make tons-o-bucks just by sitting on your keester. The guy said he made $20,000 in his first week right? It must be true or he wouldn't have sent you an e-mail right? WRONG! I know this seems like an obvious statement, but let's face the facts. How many people have you seen on TV like 20/20 and talk shows, that lost thousands in scams. Let's also face the fact, that if nobody fell for these scams, then nobody would send them to us. Somewhere, someone is gullible enough to fall for these.

ISPs and e-mail providers are saying that they are doing this or that to stop spammers, that's great, but they can't do it alone. So, here's some helpful tips on what YOU can do to help.

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