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So what is this place for? What is ? Well, let me first show you.

Without Roguemoticons:

With Roguemoticons:

If you use the greatest e-mail program called The Bat! by RITLabs, then what this place will do for you is to allow you to create an account, add your image and then let you download a .ZIP file containing all the files you'll need to be able so see e-mail like the bottom of the two above images.

So you're probably thinking "Whoopie... I can do that with any e-mail client and HTML..." Well, there's where you'd be wrong. The second of the two images is a message written entirely in plain-text. There is no HTML anywhere in there.

So how'd the image get in there? Well, it's a client side replacement through the same technology that allows most IM programs to replace your :-) text with a picture of a smiley.

The image is triggered by a "Handle" you've defined in your account, and when that Handle appears in a message it gets replaced on the client side by the corresponding image. Notice how I keep saying "client-side". It's because there is no overhead to sending a Roguemoticon enabled message over a normal message. Your image isn't sent with the e-mail, only the handle, and that's a plain-text trigger. This is where is excels way over the top of HTML. Yes, you could achieve the same effect with an HTML message, but you've wasted bandwidth sending your image with the message. You could href the image from the internet, but you'd still be wasting bandwidth, not to mention forcing your reader to be connected to the internet to see your image.

So, what does one of these handles look like? It could be anything you want it to look like pretty much. The one I used in the above examples is:


Pretty simple huh? So go ahead. Try it out. You'll like it.