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What is The Bat!

The Bat! is an extremely flexible e-mail client with extensive capabilities not found
in other e-mail clients. Just in case you were wondering, The Bat! is written in Delphi,
and some of the fascinating features of it are:

  • Real-time automatic spellchecker. As you type, it underlines questionable spellings, and a single right click will let you choose the correct spelling while a double right click will replace the word with the closest correct spelling  automatically.

  • Full 32 bit multi-threading. You can check mail on all of your accounts, and write/read messages at the same time.

  • Mail Ticker - This is a cool feature seen nowhere else. It looks like a Wall Street stock ticker, but it shows you the header info from your new messages. From, To, Subject etc. Double-clicking on a message from the ticker will bring up all the messages set to display in the ticker in a virtual folder. 

  • Filtering system - An unbelievably awesome, power-packed suite of filtering tools. Pass data to external programs, auto-responders, macro enhanced templates, selective downloading filters etc.

  • Manage your mail directly on the POP/IMAP server.

  • IMAP, APOP, PGP, POP before SMTP verification.

  • Very powerful message editor. This is great, how many times have you wanted to cut out a certain little block of text, but as you drag your mouse down it highlights the entire line. In this editor, you can just select the text you want. It's also a free caret editor which means that wherever you click in the message is where you'll  start typing.

  • Multiple accounts that can be changed on the fly. There's more, each folder you create to save messages in can have its own identity (To, From, Reply-to), macro enhanced templates etc.. This is my most favorite aspect of The Bat! You can make it do just about anything.

  • Automatic mail retrieval w/auto log-off

  • It can import your messages with the built in import wizard from:

    • Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx
    • Netscape Communicator v4.xx
    • Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx
    • Eudora Lite/Pro
    • Pegasus Mail v2.xx


  • It can import address books from any client that can export to an:

    • .INI
    • Comma Separated File
    • Tab Separated File


  • Support for ten (count 'em 10) different languages, with the capability to switch between them on the fly.

  • A park function, where you can make a message stay where it is at. No accidental deletions or moving it to the wrong folder.

  • Under construction function, where you can work on your messages, and leave them in your outbox until you're finished and want to send it.

  • A very cool address book function that let's you choose e-mail addresses very similar to the way you run programs from the Windows Start button or choose favorites from the favorites dropdown menu. The address book also supports vCard as well as being able to place actual pictures of your contacts in the address book. Another feature is the ability to define macro enabled templates for each contact in your address book. That means you can personalize your messages for each individual person.

  • You can run mailing lists as well as full fledged discussion lists like MajorDomo and Listserv. I'm running one right now called "The Bat! User's Discussion List". All I have to do is check the POP3 account, and it filters, modifies, corrects the To: From: and Reply To: headers, then mails it out to everyone on the list. No fuss, no muss. Take a look here for the step-by-step guide I wrote on how to do it.

  • An excellent built in search engine that is very quick, and displays your results in a very logical, easy to use format.

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Where can I get it?


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Is their a compiled list of keyboard shortcuts?

Yes! The maintainer of this list is Dmitry Potapenko.

Shortcuts in English or Russian.

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Who wrote it?

Stefan Tanurkov
Born - 19th of April, 1974
Horoscope - Aries
Education - Moldavian State University, specialized in mathematics and computer science.
Working experience - Professional since 1990, with RIT - since 1993
Author of Dos Navigator (DOS Shell)
Status - Married
Life style - Fatalistic optimist :-)
He initiated the The Bat! project.

Max Masyutin
Born - 14th of September, 1977
Horoscope - Virgo
Education - Comprehensive school
Working experience - Professional since 1994, with RIT - since 1996.
Author of Argus (Fido mailer for Win95/NT)
Status - Single

The Bat! v1.x is written in Delphi 2. The Bat! v2.x will be written using Delphi 5.

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Is there a user mailing list?

There are two User Discussion Lists (UDLs) that you can get help on. The first and most popular is 'The Bat User Discussion List (TBUDL)' which is for questions concerning the official releases of The Bat!, and the second is 'The Bat Beta Testers (TBBETA)' which is for discussion concerning beta releases of The Bat!.

One thing you'll be pleasantly surprised to find is that the program developers not only monitor the lists, but actually participate as well.

To join The Bat User's Discussion List (TBUDL), please send a blank message to: TBUDL.SUB@thebat.dutaint.com

To join The Bat Beta Testers List (TBBETA), please send a blank message to: TBBETA.SUB@thebat.dutaint.com

If you wish to subscribe to the Russian speaking list, please send a blank message to: thebat-subscribe@egroups.com

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Is there a list archive of messages?


For TBUDL, go to: http://tbudl.thebat.dutaint.com

For TBBETA, go to: http://tbbeta.thebat.dutaint.com

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Is there a wish list of features that users want?

Yes, it is maintained by Konstantin G., and you can see it here.

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Request for Comments (RFC)

Many people have made references to RFCs. Where can I read up on them?

For basic information on what they are and where to find them, please see the article I wrote about them.

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