//http://www.PCWize.com/thebat //Last updated: 12 Jul 04 //This is the only file you should need to edit for all the important variables //used throughout the pages with exception to the Zipit2.bat. The only other //edits you might want to do are for language localization or wordsmithing. //Below is a list of all the files you'll need and what they're for. //PCWAdmin.php - This is the admin page to control the images and handles // uploaded //Auth2.php - This is the script that enforces authentication on the PCWAdmin.php // page. You can use this script by including it in any page. //PCWSmileys.php - This is the page that displays the smileys, and allows // uploads by your users. //PCWSmileys.txt - This is the template file for the .MSL. It gets copied from this // into the $imagedir folder each time a new ZIP is created. //Zipit2.bat - This file is the shell script to run your ZIP program. You'll need // to modify it so that it uses whichever ZIP program you use with the // right switches. It is defaulted to use 7Zip, and assumes 7Zip is // in the System PATH. //Define your variables for the database and connect to the database $dbserver="localhost"; $dbuser="pcwize"; $dbpassword="123poi098"; $dbname="pcwize"; $tblname="smileys"; $conn=mysql_connect($dbserver,$dbuser,$dbpassword) or die(mysql_error()); $select=mysql_select_db($dbname, $conn) or die(mysql_error()); //Define your website address where the index.php page is. //Don't forget the trailing forward slash. $siteaddress = "http://www.pcwize.com/thebat/"; //Define the name of your Emoticons Site $sitename = "PCW Smileys"; //Who do you want all e-mails from this script to come from $mailname="Mary Bull"; $mailfrom="Trill@Pcwize.com"; //Define the filename of the .MSL file $mslfile = "PCWsmileys.msl"; #For all categories $mslfileF = "Flags.msl"; #For flags $mslfileA = "Avatars.msl"; #For avatars $mslfileP = "Pets.msl"; #For pets //Define the filename of the .ZIP file. Don't forget to make this the same as //what you called it in the Zipit.bat file. $zipfile = "PCWSmileys.zip"; $zipfileF = "Flags.zip"; $zipfileA = "Avatars.zip"; $zipfileP = "Pets.zip"; //Path to the folder containing the .MSL file and image subdir. //You need the double backslashes and the trailing double backslashes. $msldir = "C:\\apache2\\htdocs\\pcwize\\thebat\\pcwsmileys\\"; //Relative path to the folder containing images. i.e. it should be inside the //folder that you specified in the $siteaddress variable. $imagesdir = "pcwsmileys/pcwimages/"; //Directory that images reside in. This one is used when a full path is needed $imagedir = "pcwimages\\"; $imagedirF = "pcwimages\\Flags\\"; $imagedirA = "pcwimages\\Avatars\\"; $imagedirP = "pcwimages\\Pets\\"; //Relative path to the folder containing the ZIP. i.e. it should be inside the //folder that you specified in the $siteaddress variable, but above the folder //you specified in the $imagesdir variable. This one is used when a relative //path is needed $zipdir = "pcwsmileys/"; //Define what path uploaded images will be moved into. This is going to be the //same path as $msldir but requires single forward slashes. $movedir = "/apache2/htdocs/pcwize/thebat/pcwsmileys/pcwimages/"; //Define your image upload maximums $image_max_width = "200"; #pixels $image_max_height = "200"; #pixels $image_max_filesize = "50000"; #bytes //Allowed filetypes. This is used to display to a user what filetypes are //allowed in the error message when they upload the wrong type. $allowedtypes = ".GIF and .JPG"; //Define your bgcolors for the PCWAdmin.php pages. $bgcolor1 = "seagreen"; $bgcolor2 = "darkseagreen"; $bgcolor3 = "darkslategray"; //MIME types to allow for uploads. The default below covers all the possiblities //for .GIF and .JPG $mimetypes = array("image/gif","image/pjpeg","image/jpeg","image/jpg"); //Define the message to mods when an approval is needed. $mod_email_to='Trill@PCWize.com'; $mod_subject = 'A new ' . $sitename . ' has been uploaded'; ?>

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Rules for uploading

  • The image must not be pornographic or hate/racial related.
  • It can not be copyrighted unless we have permission from the author to use it in PCWSmileys. All "proof" i.e. message thread getting permission from the author *must* be CC'd to Mary
    1. Send me the thread of the copyright permission, if applicable
    2. State the reasons the user believes it is in the public domain (with venue, URL, book from which scanned etc.) if applicable,
    3. State that the user himself or herself owns the image, if applicable.

Uploaded will not be immediately available in the .ZIP file. They will need to be approved by Mary Bull (our Keeper of the Smileys) first. Please direct any questions to her. To see what smileys are pending approval, Click Here


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"; echo ""; if ($ctr==6) { $ctr=0; echo ""; } $ctr++; } ?>
" . $r['Handle'] . "

Much care is taken to try and ensure that only public domain material or that owner permission is obtained for any icon that appears on this site. If you see a smiley you have created and wish for it to be removed or to give you credit, please feel free to >e-mail me.